I am Bri, the Creator and Host of #SweetTalks, a podcast that gives listeners a tasty bite into the minds of delectable (phenomenal) women entrepreneurs of all flavors.  After lifestyle blogging for 5 years, I decided it was time for a change. I prayed on it (had a litt’l talk with Jesus) like usual and the idea of #SweetTalks birthed from a place in which I refer to as #boldinsecurity.  It as something new and different that I had to challenge myself to do, but easy to be excited about because it involved two things I loved – dessert and conversation with some pretty amazing women.  I wanted to create a podcast where women could listen to other women share their stories of life, whatever it may look like for them and how their journey has shaped them into who they are right now.  #SweetTalks is a community for women entrepreneurs like myself who want to follow their dreams and may be searching for a better version of themselves with no fear of failing.

Aside from the podcast, I have a full-time career in Marketing, Communications and PR and have worked the spectrum from corporate to nonprofit, working with some major brands nationwide. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve planned multiple successful high-profile events and fundraisers for entertainers and professional athletes that even surprise me at times.  Through it all, I have learned to never underestimate yourself. You got it, sis!

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Stay sweet,yall!